Meta Investors accumulates for a difficult quarter after actions

After losing a record of 230 billion dollars in market value due to a deepening profits report in February, analysts hope to see the progress

Meta lost a record of $ 230 billion in market value after a deepening profits report in February. Photography: Dado Ruvić / Reuters

Meta experienced a historic nose in value earlier this year in the midst of a major brand change and its upheavals to its commercial model 

and investors are preparing for another difficult quarter.Meta lost a record of $ 230 billion in market value after a deepening profits report in February

in which he revealed that Facebook had recorded his very first drop in daily user numbers. While investors look forward to the Meta first quarter report 

on Wednesday for signs of recovery, a "full turnaround is not planned," said Debra Williamson, principal analyst of the Insider Intelligence Market Studies.

It will be slow progress for the meta after its massive decrease in stock in the last quarter," she said. "But we - and advertisers in particular

Hope to see progress.Meta’s struggle was not completely unexpected: the chief executive officer, Mark Zuckerberg, had warned that Apple’s

New confidentiality rules could cost the company $ 10 billion in losing sales this year. The regulations prevent META from collecting certain user data and prompted 

The company to move some of its main advertising commercial models Such a change is to put a substantial accent on the coils

its short -term video content which he still had trouble monetizing. The company warned in

the last quarter report that growth from one year to the next could continue

To be assigned in the first quarter of 2022 by these issues.

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