For a man who did not want to play Novak Djokovic at night

Rafael Nadal certainly drawn the best party of the situation.

Whatever the hour and the surface, Nadal remains one of the supreme fighters

And problems with sports in sports. Although Nadal did not have the weight as champion

of the French Open 13 times to influence planning, he had the skills and the desire to keep the only man

who beat him twice at Roland Garros. Nadal, who will be 36 years old on Friday

was irresistible at the start of his last marathon with Djokovic and sometimes trembling in the middle

but he found a way long after midnight to save two section points on the section and cross

the finish line First with a 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6 victory (4). This four hour and 12 minute

triumph did not secure Nadal the trophy. It was only a quarter of the final

on a cold Tuesday evening when the scarves were definitively on the court of Philippe Chatrier

(some fans chose to wrap their whole bodies in Spanish or Serbs flags).

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