Rafael Nadal is now able to win his 14th French title and his 22nd Grand Grand Slam Record,

But it is not the way he wanted to get there. The Spanish legend qualified for the final of Roland Garros

on Sunday after Alexander Zverev suffered a horrible ankle injury and had to be withdrawn from

the field in wheelchair to the end of the second set. He came out later on crutches and kissed Nadal

while Spanish patted his face with encouragement. Nadal then moved to help pack the Zverev tennis bag.

With Nadal serving at 7-6 (8), 5-6, 40-30, he slapped the line that Zverev ran to recover, but he struck,

He crashed with a Right ankle injury and shouted in pain. Zverev was then seen by leaving

the installation on crutches and with his right foot in a boot. "Well, very hard, right?"

And very said to him, ”Nadal told Mats Wilander in the court. “Honestly, he was playing an incredible tournament.

Yes, he is a very good colleague on tour. “I know how much he fights to win a big slam.

But for the moment, he has been very unlucky, right? And the only thing I am sure is that 

it will win not one, much more than one, so I wish it the best and very fast recovery.

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