Are you in need of a new Social Security card? The Best Way to Get One

An important piece of identification is your Social Security card. You can get a replacement if you lose yours or change your name by following these steps.

You probably use your Social Security number often, such as when applying for a credit card, 

Filing your taxes, or verifying your identity online. When you start a new job or move up from a previous job,

You usually need a physical Social Security card much less often. However, it is crucial if you don't have it at the right time.

If you have misplaced your Social Security card or changed your name recently, you can get a new one.

It depends on whether you need a new one with updated information or a replacement without any changes. 

If you need a new Social Security card, we'll explain what you need to do. 

Here are some times when it's okay to give out your Social Security number. 

Take a look at these identity theft protection and monitoring services while you're here.

Requesting a new Social Security card can be done in three ways by the Social Security Administration

Several methods are available to reissue a new card, including in person, online, and by mail. 

Online application may be the best option if you meet the requirements, but if you need a new card by mail, 

Don't send original primary documents that you should keep in your possession, 

Such as your driver's license, passport, or immigration documents. In addition, documents must be originals 

Or certified by the agency that issued them. Neither photocopies nor notarized copies will be accepted by the administration.

Fill out Form SS-5 (PDF) if you are receiving a new card in person or sending your documents by mail.

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