New music documentaries set to rock your world in 2022

Musical documentaries were among the hottest and most rented programs throughout the pandemic, the epic dissection of Peter

Jackson of the creation of "Let It Be" of the Beatles in "Get Back", to Oscar Tarming de Questlove from the end of the first star 1969. Harlem cultural festival in "Summer of Soul

And the results are constantly arriving. Among the artists who obtain video-retrospective treatment in the coming months, there is Shery 

I Crow of Backup-Singer who has become a star, the rapper known under the name of XXXTentacion, the Latin Titan with multiple Jennifer Lopez and the rebel Country Tanya Tucker.

Here is an overview of 11 new musical documents in the running for your eyes and your ears in 2022

Sheryl Crow's career has been a winding route since her debut as a rescue singer in the "Bad" tour of Michael Jackson and the first solo efforts by 

Don Henley for her own career in mind and even a very voting relationship With the disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Anchored both contemporary interviews and archive images, "Sheryl" promises a glimpse of how the talented singer-songwriter has sailed these often difficult waters,

Which understands its "hard musical career disputed sexism , depression, perfectionism, cancer and the price of glory.

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