I am satisfied with the results of the first quarter of Nextier and the way in which the impulse accelerated as the quarter advanced. 

Our performance demonstrates the benefits of our low -cost and low emissions strategy," said Robert Drummond, president and director Nextier Executive.

Demand for our services remains very strong and the ability to be available is almost completely used, which should allow us to offer profitable growth, accelerate free cash flow and strong returns

We continue to demonstrate that our talented team can execute clearly defined strategic priorities using an integrated leader platform to produce strong efficiency profits

Optimizing the next value proposal for customers and shareholders, Drummond continued. We believe that the premium granted to the efficiency and quality of the service will differentiate even more in

the times of high prices of the basic products and an adjusted supply. Once again we achieved the growth of the upper line market, increasing the income of 25%

and our acceleration of the March departure rate suggests a significant increase for the second quarter," said Kenny Pucheu, executive vice president and financial director of Nextier

In addition, we continue to demonstrate our leadership in the cycle achieving a positive free cash flow in the first quarter, which was ahead of our plan

along with second consecutive trimester of positive net income, forging a path to the generation of yields by yields Above our capital cost at the end of this year, a critical step for our business.

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