Coronavirus spread rapidly and furiously during the pandemic. By the end of March, much of the world was under lockdown

following the first report outside of China. Since many workers are staying home and most businesses

Are only operating online, Congress passed the first of many stimulus packages designed to slow down

The country's economic decline. Ultimately, more than $5 trillion in stimulus funds flowed into

The American economy, including $817 billion in stimulus checks 

The American economy, including $817 billion in stimulus checks 

But its size and scope have also had some negative effects. Here's a look at what went right and what went wrong with the pandemic stimulus checks.

Pandemic stimulus checks were the best way to keep the United States economy from going into a deep recession.

Panic filled the air during the early stages of the pandemic. From January 2020 to March, unemployment reached 14.8%, 

The highest level since 1948, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged by over 37% in less than a month.

It could have been disastrous for the economy if quick action hadn't been taken. Without stimulus, according to the San Francisco Federal Reserve,

The economy might have tipped into deflation and slower economic growth, which would have been harder to manage."

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