Sources say 90-year-old actor Philip Baker Hall has passed away.

Sam Farmer, a friend and neighbor of Seinfeld and Magnolia actor, announced his death in a tweet on Monday.

"Philip Baker Hall, one of the wisest, most talented, and kindest people I have ever known, passed peacefully last night," wrote Farmer.

There is an empty space in the world since he was surrounded by loved ones."

On social media, fans have paid their respects to the late actor.

In the entire run of Seinfeld, Phillip Baker Hall had the funniest scene. Arguably funnier than anything 

The other cast members ever did. And it's because he sold it so well. Peepees and weewees, joy boy." one fan shared.

Another fan expressed this sentiment: "Philip Baker Hall recently passed away. Seinfeld fans will remember him as Lieutenant Bookman, 

the library cop, who put forth one of the greatest defenses of libraries: 'Maybe we can live without libraries, people like you and me.

"May his memory serve as a blessing." I'll never forget Philip Baker Hall for one of the greatest,

if not the greatest, sitcom performances ever portrayed in his role as the Library Cop on Seinfeld. RIP."

He is best known for his role as Lt Joe Bookman. Seinfeld's Lt Joe Bookman was portrayed by Philip Baker Hall in season three.

The episode shows Bookman working as a library cop, tracking down Jerry Seinfeld for an overdue book he has not returned since 1971.

Jerry's dismissive attitude toward him is a result of his dedication to his work and coincidental surname.

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