No winner at $ 400 million Powerball Jackpot, following drawing Monday

The Jackpot has an estimated Caisse value of $ 240.8 million, but it is difficult to know how high the Jackpot for Monday's drawing.

There was no $ 400 million winner of $ 400 million on Saturday - the 29th consecutive drawing without winning ticket.

The next drawing will be Monday because the Jackpot climbs $ 421 million.

The winning figures on Saturday are: 10, 39, 47, 49, 56. The Powerball number is 8.

Ticket buyers have a chance to have a chance to win a price, but a height of 1 of 292,201 338 chances of winning the Jackpot

According to Powerball. The 30th anniversary week of Saturday brands marks on Saturday 

The first tickets were sold on April 19, 1992, the drawing held three days later on April 22nd.

The Powerball Jackpot reached its last shot in Connecticut on February 14 drawing

When a single position had a lucky winner of $ 185.3 million, according to Powerball.

Since then, there have been 28 drawings of a row without winner of jackpot.

The Jackpot was hit only this year this year when two tickets sold in California and 

Wisconsin franched a price of $ 632 million on January 5 - the seventh jackpot in Powerball History.

Powerball is holding the world record for the $ 1.58 billion of $ 1.58 billion shared by the winners of California, Florida and Tennessee in 2016.

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