Thousands of Americans will receive one-time summer payments worth up to $1,658 next month - see who's eligible

Pennsylvania residents are eligible for bonus cash if they qualify for property tax rebates under a new law.

On Tuesday, Governor Tom Wolf announced the expansion of the state's 

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program. Residents of Pennsylvania who receive 

A property tax refund will receive an additional payment worth 70% of their original rebate.

Rent payments or property taxes were refunded to senior citizens and Pennsylvanians with disabilities under the program.

The maximum rebate amount was $975 prior to the expansion.

With the allocation of $140 million from the American Rescue Plan toward bonus rebates,

Claimants can now receive up to $1,657.50. We can improve the lives of Pennsylvanians 

Who are still recovering from the pandemic by using this money for a one-time infusion to fund

The Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program," Governor Wolf said. Many Pennsylvanians 

Who participate in this program are on fixed incomes, so 

A boosted payment this year will help them remain in their homes as inflation rises."

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