The Ministry of Education said on Wednesday that it had so far identified 100,000 borrowers eligible for the cancellation

Public Service Loan Forgiveness 

of students' debt due to the changes made by the agency to the public service loans program in October.

The cancellations of these people should total around $ 6.2 billion in federal student debt relief. 

when he will have a departure address at the University of Delaware, his Alma Mater. However, more recent reports suggest 

Not all eligible borrowers have yet been informed of their debt recovery. They are informed on a hilly basis, 

and the Ministry of Education could not provide a date where not all of them have been contacted.

The announcement marks the latest efforts of the Biden administration to facilitate that certain borrowers qualify more easily for the delivery of loans 

within the framework of existing programs. But the fragmentary approach to the administration is still below the president’s commitment to support 

the cancellation of $ 10,000 for each of the approximately 43 million people who currently have federal debt on the student loan.

The public service loan delivery program promises to erase the remaining federal student loan debt after an eligible public service 

worker made 10 years of monthly payments. It was created about 15 years ago, but a very small percentage of people 

who applied had received forgiveness before 2021. Many borrowers criticized the program as difficult to navigate 

and some said they discovered that they were not eligible for forgiveness that after doing what they thought were a decade of qualification payments. 

Only borrowers with specific types of federal loans and registered in certain reimbursement programs were eligible.

Last year, the Biden administration temporarily widened eligibility until October 31, 2022

so that the program now includes borrowers who had loans who do not originally qualify.

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