The $25 million pot will provide up to $630 payments to hundreds of thousands of Americans - are you eligible?

The $25 million program will provide cold hard cash to hundreds of thousands of inflation-weary Americans.

As fuel and food prices continue to rise, the Pennsylvania plan includes child tax care credits.

New details about the Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Program have been revealed

By Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Working families who pay for daycare for

their children and qualify for the federal program will benefit from the plan.

Starting in 2023, Pennsylvanian families who qualify can claim the credit when filing state taxes.

For households earning less than $43,000, one child will receive $315, while two or more will receive $630.

One child can receive $180, and two or more children can receive $360 if the family earns more than $43,000.

A budget bill was first approved by the Pennsylvania Senate earlier this month.

Refundable tax credits are expected to benefit nearly 221,000 families in the state.

Governor Wolf said in a recent press release that parents should not let cost be a barrier to their

Children's education, safety, support, and fun. To support our hard-working families, our workforce, our children, 

And our collective success in this commonwealth, I created this state-level child care tax credit.

A child care tax credit of 30% is available for expenses approved by the federal government.

This year, the child tax credit will revert back to $2,000 for millions of American taxpaying parents.

What is the federal child tax credit in 2022?

To provide pandemic relief to hard-hit families, President Biden implemented the enhanced expansion in 2021.

For children below the age of six, the child tax credit was worth $3,600, and for children between the ages of six and 17, it was worth $3,000

Based on the previous program from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the federal funds will be distributed as an end-of-year tax credit in 2022.

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