Are we ever going to receive another stimulus check?

A Catch-22 arises from the inflation drama that continues to make everyday life more expensive. 

As prices rise, average Americans - particularly low-income families

Need financial assistance, but a new round of stimulus payments 

Would simply worsen inflation by injecting more money into the economy.

The direct payments and expanded tax credits from the pandemic years have been over for months, 

Despite early-year discussions. However, some states are finding 

a middle ground with smaller and more narrowly targeted stimulus payments.

Depending on who they are and where they live, millions of Americans

Might be eligible for stimulus payments this summer and fall.

A Federal Gas Subsidy Is Idling in Congress

The Gas Rebate Act of 2022 was proposed by several Democratic representatives in March.

As a result of this law, eligible taxpayers would receive $100 per month

Based on income - along with $100 per month per eligible dependent. Despite not even passing preliminary committee steps, 

the act would have to make its way through Congress before becoming law.

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