The Drummond family has had so much to celebrate lately, Todd seems to be exhausted by excitement.

Ree drummond news Today

In an Instagram post, the pioneer woman had fun to her youngest son for grabbing Z 

at the graduation of her daughter Paige. On May 27, the star posted two photos 

of her 18 year old youth while sitting in the crowd during the Arkansas University ceremony. In legend, she wrote

"We went to the graduation of Paige a few weeks ago, and Todd found everything captivating absolutely."

In the first photo, Drummond's youngest child is asleep with his head resting in his hand 

while Paige's boyfriend, Mitchell Adams (who jokingly referred as a "new friend" of Paige in April )

posed behind him and made a boost. The second photo shows a different angle from Todd

Always asleep in the same position, with Ree's son -in -law, Mauricio Scott, smiling strongly on the camera.

Drummond's eldest girl, Alex, is also labeled in the photo.

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