Leon de Resident Evil 4's jacket may be one of the best clothes in the series

(just up there with the extremely impracticable dress by Ada Wong and Wesker's scintillating costume in Resident Evil 5?)

The bomber jacket lined with sheepskin looks comfortable, comfortable and elegant, 

maintaining flexibility while protecting Leon from scratches and bites 

(at least until it gets a short path in it in the game). For the freshly announced remake resident Evil 4

however, it seems that Leon's outdoor clothes get an upgrade. Some observers on Twitter spied

on the small imprint at the end of the trailer that Leon's jacket is in fact protected by copyright

and "appears with the permission of Schott NYC". By going to the Schott NYC website

it did not take long before arriving at what looks a lot like Leon's new fantastic jacket,

the classic B-3 leather bomber (opens in a new tab). Unfortunately, the description made references to

The Second World War and how it was carried by "non-aviators like General George Patton" rather than "

Reiv and non-aviators like Leon Kennedy", so we cannot officially Confirm this

But we have reached out to Schott NYC for confirmation and await an answer.

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