A new version of Shimadzu's Trinias angiography system will be available worldwide.

Our innovative new technology solutions in angiography will be introduced at the SIR 2022 conference, 

Scheduled to begin on Sunday, June 12, 2022. In the new Trinias system, AI deep learning technology is used

to enhance visibility of medical devices in addition to using a lower*2 X-ray dose than previous models.

It is the first time AI has been incorporated into an angiography system's image processing engine.

As well as simplifying workflow, the new Trinias system provides a wide range of new features

that make clinical operations in any setting more efficient. The new Trinias system offers a sustainable

Product designed for long-term use thanks to the subscription service that ensures software is always updated to the most recent version.

1. As of March 2022, the following image processing engines are available in commercial angiography systems

2. Comparison with our conventional system at 7.5pps and 10pps (Air Kerma).

For example, angiography systems are used to perform angiography examinations, in which a physician inserts

a catheter (a small tube) through a blood vessel to observe an area of disease or concern in the heart, head,

liver, lungs, etc., and to perform catheterization procedures, using a therapeutic device to dilate blood vessels or carry out other interventions.

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