Is it possible to draw Social Security at 62 while still working full-time?

Social Security benefits play an important role in preventing elderly poverty and

Are paid out at an important stage in a worker's life. Knowing when you can receive your monthly payments and 

How working while collecting Social Security will affect your benefits is important to keep in mind.

Working full time and collecting Social Security when you turn 62 is perfectly legal, 

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA). It is another matter entirely whether 

You should, under normal circumstances. It is almost universally recommended that you wait as 

long as possible to start receiving your Social Security payments. Your benefits will be reduced if 

you withdraw from Social Security before you reach your full retirement age (66 or 67 years old, 

Depending on whether you were born before or after 1960). SSA deducts $1 from 

Every $2 you earn over $19,560, so you would keep $2,180 of your Social Security benefits.

According to the Social Security Administration's "How Work Affects Your Benefits" publication, 

if your monthly Social Security payment at 62 years of age is $600 ($7,200/year), and you earn over $19,560 for the year, 

your payments will be withheld for $4,360. Once you reach full retirement age, you will receive the money back. 

Based on the additional earnings, your monthly benefit can be recalculated and increased.

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