Planning for retirement is never too early. As you approach retirement age, 

the earlier you make plans, the better off you'll be later in life.

You are bound to discuss social security during retirement planning, 

And you may decide whether or not to take advantage of those benefits.

Social security payments are available to people over the age of 62 who have paid in for at least 10 years

instead of less than that. An eligible person can receive $841 per month from the Social Security Administration in 2022, 

While a couple may receive $1,261 per month. The payments have increased by 5.9% from 2021. 

Many Americans do not seem to be leaning towards relying heavily on social security to pay for their retirement,

Depending on their situation. A recent survey conducted by Go Banking Rates revealed

That 71% of Americans don't plan to fully rely on social security to fund their retirement. 

Social security payments are expected to be partially dependent on just 45% of the population, 

16% believe they would not be able to receive any, and 11% do not believe they will qualify for it at all. 

How will Americans retire if they do not plan to receive social security benefits?

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