The amount of Social Security checks that could be paid after a historic increase in 2023

It is likely that Social Security recipients will see a nice little boost in their checks next year.

For those folks, it's all about the COLA, not Coca-Cola. Rather, we're talking about cash, 

And COLAs stand for "cost-of-living adjustments." With rising inflation, 

Next year's COLA raise for Social Security recipients is expected to be 11.4 percent.

So how much more will that pay out?

Most Social Security recipients would probably receive an additional 

$170 to $200 per month. According to a report, the rate of inflation through July 

And September of this year will likely determine the outcome.

In a time when goods and services are becoming more expensive, 

it's a necessary bump for them to stay afloat. The adjustment appears on track to be

The largest dollar increase given to Social Security recipients in their monthly checks. reports that the average monthly benefit for 47.9 million retirees is $1,669.44. reports that the amount typically increases by $2 per month, 

Which means recipients will end the year receiving around $1,683.

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