Are you married or divorced? Social Security: How It Will Affect You

There is a possibility that you could qualify for hundreds of dollars more per month.

Social Security can account for a large portion of your retirement income, so it's important to understand 

How it's calculated. The amount you receive each month may be affected by your marital status. 

It is possible for married or divorced couples to receive additional benefits based 

On their partner's (or ex-partner's) work record, which can amount to hundreds of dollars per month.

Spousal or divorce benefits are not available to everyone, and there are a few requirements. If you qualify, here's how to find out.

Who is eligible for spousal benefits?

Social Security spouse benefits are generally available to those who are married to a Social Security beneficiary.

You can still receive spousal benefits, even if you've never worked and don't qualify for your own benefits.

The maximum amount you can collect is 50% of what your spouse is entitled to at full retirement age (FRA).

You would receive $1,000 per month in spousal benefits if your partner collected $2,000 per month at their FRA.

It's still possible to receive spousal benefits if you're eligible for Social Security based on your own work record

But only if your payments are less than what you'd receive based on your partner's earnings. Additionally, you will only receive the higher amount.

As an example, if you're entitled to $800 per month based on your own earnings and 

Could receive $1,000 in spousal benefits, you'd receive $1,000 per month. 

In this case, you wouldn't qualify for spousal benefits at all if you were receiving $1,200 per month based on your own work record.

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