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Older Americans could get an extra $2,400 a year under new Social Security legislation

In the event a new bill recently introduced to Congress is approved, Social Security recipients could get an additional $2,400 in benefits per year

Something seniors would welcome since surging inflation wipes out their cost-of-living increases.

Twitter Business Spotlight

The first meeting between Elon Musk and Twitter staff took place via his cell phone. Musk answered questions from Twitter's 8,000 employees

including his thoughts on alien life and freedom of speech, as well as possible layoffs and Twitter's potential integration of crypto.

Interesting: Update on the Child Tax Credit

Mitt Romney introduced a revised proposal that would create a monthly child tax credit to combat

 "an extraordinary amount of financial strain" facing American families.

A Bonus: Should You Put Money Into a Bear Market?

The temptation of hopping into the market at low prices when stock markets enter bear territory and waiting for them to rise again 

When they return is strong during bear markets. As long as you pick the right stocks, buying the dip, also called "buying the dip," can be profitable.

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