Beginning on Wednesday, Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) 

Will be paid to millions of retired and disabled Americans. Social Security and SSDI benefits are distributed

By the Social Security Administration (SSA) on the last three Wednesdays of the month, depending on your birthday,

But an individual cannot collect both benefits simultaneously. Individuals who file for Social Security retirement 

Benefits in 2022 can receive the maximum amount per month based on their age.

Those who file at 62, for example, can receive up to $2,364 a month.

If you file at your full retirement age, which is usually 66 and a set number of months or 67,

Then you can get up to $3,345; if you wait until 70, you can get up to $4,194.

For those who began claiming after 1997, the SSDI payment schedule is the same as that of Social Security.

Most SSDI beneficiaries are limited to $1,350 in monthly earnings - but that goes up to $2,260 if they are blind.

In one example, a 74-year-old man lost more than $500,000 in retirement savings after he was threatened with arrest.

A small amount of money was recovered by the government before it was too late.

Earlier this year, officials also intercepted a package containing $20,000 cash on its way to a fraudster after a victim reported it.

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