The Social Security Supplemental Income payments worth up to $4,194 will hit bank accounts in 2022. Find out when you'll get yours

On Wednesday, Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) 

Benefits began to be paid to millions of retired and disabled Americans.

Social Security and SSDI benefits are distributed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) on the last three

Wednesdays of each month, depending on your birthday. However, an eligible individual cannot collect both benefits at the same time.

Social Security retirement benefits are calculated based on the age of an individual filing a claim in 2022.

An individual who files at 62, for example, can get up to $2,364 a month.

You can receive up to $3,345 if you file at your full retirement age, which is typically 66

and a set number of months or 67. It is possible to receive up to $4,194 by waiting to file until age 70.

As long as they started claiming after 1997, SSDI claimants are on the same payment schedule as Social Security claimants.

Most SSDI claimants are limited to $1,350 in monthly earnings, but blind beneficiaries are limited to $2,260.

Income as defined by the SSA

A variety of payments and earnings do not count as "income," including the first $20 of most income received in a month.

A grant, scholarship, loan, money gift, income tax refund, and food stamps, among other things, do not count toward SSI income.

SSI considers wages, unemployment benefits, and other SSA benefits as income.

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