Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) began this month for millions of retired and disabled Americans.

Social Security and SSDI benefits are distributed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) on the last three Wednesdays of each month

Depending on your birthday, but an individual can't receive both benefits at the same time.

The more you save, the richer you become

Individuals who claim Social Security retirement benefits in 2022 can receive a maximum amount per month depending on their age.

If you file at 62, for instance, you can get up to $2,364 a month.

When you file at your full retirement age, which is typically 66 and a set number of months or 67, 

You can receive up to $3,345. Up to $4,194 can be received if you wait until 70 to file.

As long as the claim was made after 1997, SSDI claimants receive the same payment schedule as Social Security claimants.

SSDI's monthly earnings limit is $1,350 for most claimants - but it's boosted to $2,260 for blind beneficiaries.

By using a Social Security break-even calculator, you can determine the right retirement age.

Calculator for determining break-even points

This allows you to access information based on your earnings history and interactive tools that are tailored to your needs.

Due to your new spouse's income and resources, your SSI payment amount may change if you remarry.

In what ways does remarriage affect SSI

SSI payments will change from an individual rate to a couple's rate if you and your new spouse both get the benefit.

SSI benefits are calculated by subtracting a couple's combined countable income from the federal benefit rate.

Afterwards, the result is divided equally between the couple and paid to them separately. 

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