What Is the Social Security Tax Limit for 2022?

The higher your salary, the more taxes you'll have to pay in U.S. taxes. 

Tax rates, or tax brackets, increase as your income increases. 

Within a particular tax bracket, each dollar is taxed accordingly.

One notable exception to this rule is payroll taxes used to fund Social Security's Old Age,

Survivors, and Disability Insurance program.

In contrast to most other tax caps, this is an individual limit. 

There would be a $147,000 limit for each partner if they were married.

In 2022, employers and employees will both be taxed 6.2% on wages. 

Therefore, an employee earning $147,000 or more would pay OASDI up to $9,114.

Self employe In dependent contractors who earn $147,000 or more after deductible expenses must pay

Double that amount, or $18,228, as they are responsible for covering both employer and employee OASDI contributions.

The SSA.gov website also reports that the HI program (Medicare Insurance) 

Will not have a taxable maximum in 2022. Employees and employers pay 1.45% each on HI funding

And self-employed individuals or independent contractors pay 2.9%.

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