How to get an additional $800 check based on your tax returns?

The state set aside $1,000 million for these payments.

The state of South Carolina is preparing to send one-time payments worth around $800 to each taxpayer.

The amount could change depending on the tax returns due on October 17 for their residents.

The payment will be deposited directly into the accounts 

of about 80% of taxpayers who chose this option.

Previously, the state set aside $1,000 million for these payments, 

But that amount may change depending on the size of the budget left after October.

In 2019, South Carolina implemented a similar plan

Previously, South Carolina had done something similar. According to The Washington Examiner, 

they sent $50 checks to 2.5 million residents in 2019. Authorities announced that 68,000 of

these checks were never cashed, and another 28,000 could not be delivered.

The state used $61 million in taxes they collected from a lottery winner to fund 

These payments and cover expenses, such as $700,000 for postage.

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