If it had been a baseball match, like the Little League World Series, the only other national event 

where the middle school students command the spotlight, this would have directed additional sleeves.

After two solid competitors who went aside for 18 rounds which ended with a draw, Scripps National Spelling

Bee on Thursday ended with a first: a spelling which opposed Harini Logan, 14, and Vikram Raju, 12 years old .

The two had 90 seconds to spell as many words correctly as possible. Each competitor shaken more than 18 spelling during

the quick tour, and the judges had to consult the video to determine who had the most correct words.

Logan, whose 21 correct orthographicic on 25 spelling in the Lightning round have already launched memes on Twitter, 

came out victorious during his fourth and last appearance at the bee. The resident of San Antonio won 

The title in one year of first for the popular event, which has returned to format entirely in person for the first time

since 2019. The pandemic canceled the 2020 event, and last year, The format has been modified to take into account COVVI-19 protocols

the first three laps becoming virtual. Raju, the finalist, properly spealed 15 words in the spel-off

responding a little more slowly than Logan, who was barely stopped to breathe while spelling 

with confidence the words that most of the viewers had probably never heard talk.

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