Find Out If Your State Is Sending You a Tax Rebate with the Stimulus Check

Many taxpayers are receiving refunds and stimulus payments from their state governments.

A one-time $250 tax rebate check planned by Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker fizzled over 

The weekend when legislators couldn't come to an agreement. In any case, residents are 

likely to receive a payout as a result of an obscure 1986 ballot question. 

As required by law, the Department of Revenue must return any surplus to taxpayers once 

State tax revenue reaches a certain threshold. In 2021, taxpayers are expected to receive 

A refund of 7% of their income taxes. The exact amount is still being determined, but Baker's office predicts it will be 7%.

The amount Baker wanted to send out in the first place is about $250 for someone earning $75,000. 

With rampant inflation and a growing threat of recession, Massachusetts is just 

One of many states offering tax rebates and stimulus checks: Florida is offering $450 inflation relief payments, 

And California is providing as much as $1,050 in middle-class tax refunds. 

The checks have been issued or are being sent out in at least 18 states. Find out which ones they are,

Who is eligible, how much they could receive, and when the funds could arrive by reading on.

Check out plans for statewide child tax credits, as well as gas rebate checks and

gas tax holidays across the country, for more information on economic relief. 

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