How much will the student loan payment be in 2022? When are the due dates?

In September, or if you are returning for another year, you may be wondering when your first loan payment will arrive.

In the course of the academic year, some students and people taking higher education courses receive loan payments.

Here is a list of dates you should write in your diary, as well as information on whether you can still apply for student loans.

What is a maintenance loan?

You could receive up to three maintenance loans per year, which are paid into your bank account at the beginning of each term.

You can use it to cover your living costs while you are studying.

Child Tax Credit benefits. Some people weren't eligible for this benefit, 

It shouldn't be necessary to use this money to pay for your tuition since it's a separate loan.

When applying for a maintenance loan, you may be required to provide information about your household income.

Visit the government's website to find out how much you can borrow.

What are the maintenance loan payment dates for 2022-23?

It depends on the start date of your term when you'll receive your student loan instalments.

In September, January, and April, you should have received your payments if your course began in September.

If students continue their studies in September, they should receive their next payment after receiving

All their loan instalments for the current academic year. In Wales, Northern Ireland, and England, 

Payments are sent by Student Finance Wales - or by Student Awards Agency Scotland if you live north of the border.

Payments from Student Finance England (SFE) can take up to three days to reach a student's account, 

So make sure you have enough money to cover immediate expenses such as transportation and rent.

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