Summer checks worth $500 are being sent to 300,000 Americans right now - are you one of them?

Relief payments will hit the bank accounts of hundreds of thousands of Americans just in time for summer.

See if you qualify for a $500 payday now by following these steps.

From June 6, about 300,000 Massachusetts essential workers will receive $500 stimulus checks

About 300,000 low-income, essential workers in Massachusetts will receive a check from the state.

The State's Department of Revenue told The Sun that payments have begun to go out since June 6

These payments will continue throughout the month of June.

A stimulus program tied to the Essential Employee Premium Pay program

Legislation passed by the Massachusetts Legislature and signed by Governor Charlie Baker in December 2021.

During the stimulus package, $460million was allocated by the legislature.

About 240,000 people received the first round of $500 premiums in March.

As stated on the program website, the eligibility criteria for the second round of payments are the same as those for the first

They are the same as those from the first round - except for one major difference.

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