Summer Payments sending These States

Residents are still receiving stimulus checks to help combat the potential ramifications of inflation 

At a 40-year high across several states. In certain states, timing of a resident's tax filing will 

Also play a role in determining eligibility for rebates and plans for middle and low income residents.

Which states are still sending Summer Payments checks?

Summer stimulus payments are being sent out by the following states

Massachusetts  Minnesota   
New Jersey 
New Mexico   
New York   
South Carolina

California summer payments: What checks are being sent out

Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers sanctioned sending millions of Californians inflation 

Relief checks of up to 1,050 dollars. By 2023, California's 97 billion dollar budget surplus will 

Be used to fund the payments, which will be made by direct deposits or debit cards.

Based on a resident's income, household size, and tax filing status, the amounts are determined.

Couples who file jointly and earn less than 150,000 dollars a year will receive 350 dollars per taxpayer and another 350 dollars 

if they have dependents. Taxpayers earning less than 75,000 dollars a year will receive 350 dollars each.

Each taxpayer with a taxable income between 75,000 dollars and 125,000 dollars, or both taxpayers with 

a taxable income between 150,000 dollars and 250,000 dollars, will receive 250 dollars,

Plus another 250 dollars if they have any dependent children.

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What is the maximum monthly amount?

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