Immediately following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the American economy fell into recession,

with unemployment rising to 14.8%, the highest level since 1948. The U.S. government responded with stimulus packages which,

among other things, kept 11 million Americans out of poverty, according to the Humen health department.

After the immediate effects of the Coronavirus pandemic have faded, another threat to the economy has emerged

in the form of rising inflation, which spiked to its highest level in 40 years in 2022. Many are calling for additional stimulus

to help alleviate the stress this is putting on American finances. The following is an update on the summer 2022 federal and state stimulus packages.

There are still some legislators urging the Federal Government to provide more stimulus

Despite the strong economy in the United States for the past year, there are signs of weakness

that are causing some lawmakers to call for increased stimulus. As well as the skyrocketing inflation rate

which has increased living expenses for most Americans, assistance programs such as the expanded child tax credit

Enhanced unemployment benefits, and mortgage assistance programs have expired. Many Americans will find

Themselves right back in a world of economic uncertainty if the economy goes into recession, as some economists predict.

In this context, various forms of legislation have been proposed over the past year or so, but none has yet to gain any traction. 

One example is a letter signed by 21 senators in March 2021 requesting ongoing, monthly stimulus checks for Americans.

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