The flight of an opinion project concerning abortion transformed the Supreme Court into a place "where you look over your shoulder

said Judge Clarence Thomas on Friday evening, and this could have an irreparably brought confidence to The institution.

What happened in court was extremely bad," said Thomas in a conversation with a former clerk at a conference of conservative and 

libertarian thinkers in Dallas. “I wonder how long we will have these institutions to the pace that we sons them. And then I wonder when

they left or destabilized, which we are going to have as a country.

It was the second time in a week that Thomas has decried the declining respect for "institutions

He made similar comments at a conference of judges and lawyers last week.

Thomas, 73, said that the flight exposed the "fragile" nature of the court.

The institution of which I am a part - if someone said that a line of an opinion would be disclosed by anyone, you would say:" Oh, it is impossible.

No one would never do that, ”said Thomas. There is such a belief in law, belief in the court, belief in what we do, that it was Verboten.

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