Taco Bell is finally bringing back Mexican Pizza Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

On Monday, the famous food chain brand Taco Bell announced that they are permanently bringing 

Back the fan favourite Mexican Pizza on their menus from May 19.

After this announcement, the rumours became true, and the prayers of more than 170,000 fans

including Dolly Parton and Doja Cat, were addressed.

Many fans of Taco Bell Mexican Pizza were devastated when after 35 years, it disappeared from the menu in November 2020.

Doja Cat repeatedly tweeted at the chain, requesting Taco Bell to bring Mexican Pizza back on their menus.

In addition to that, hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition on Change.org to "Save the Mexican Pizza

Dolly Parton, a superfan and a great supporter of bringing back the Mexican Pizza, said

I really want Taco Bell to bring back the Mexican Pizza as soon as possible.

The rumours of Mexican Pizza coming back started getting hiped when Taco Bell asked Doja Cat to sign a jingle expressing her love towards Mexican Pizza.

On Sunday, Taco Bell made an announcement during the performance of Doja Cat at Coachella.

After this event, Doja Cat changed her Twitter handle name to "WE BROUGHT THE MEXICAN PIZZA BACK"

To express the joy of winning this long fight.

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