It is possible to get a tax credit from TEN states, but the amount and restrictions on qualifying depend on the state.

A number of states are offering taxpayer credits, including California, Idaho, Maryland, New Mexico, and New York.

A child deduction is provided in North Carolina, whereas a $500 credit is provided by Michigan's state government.

One-time tax credits of $250 per child, up to 750 families per year are available in Connecticut.

For families to receive it, they must apply.

The American Rescue Plan contributed to the reduction of child poverty by 40 percent, 

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Families are proposed to receive monthly stimulus checks

In a bill similar to the child tax credit, Utah senator Mitt Romney has proposed the Family Security Act.

The program provides $300 a month for eligible families with children up to five years old,

Children under six were entitled to $300 a month in child tax credits, while children between six 

And 17 were entitled to $250 a month under the child tax credit. A bipartisan bill, which will be negotiated by 

Both sides of Congress, has not yet been formally proposed, but it could end up being a bipartisan bill.

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