American's will receive direct payments up to $500 through the 4th stimulus check update in 2022 - find out if you qualify

To help working Americans deal with inflation prices, NEW tax rebates are in the works.

Individuals and couples in Massachusetts will receive direct payments of $250 and $500 under a tax relief package passed by lawmakers.

The plan was outlined in a joint statement released by Senate President Karen Spilka and House Speaker Ron Mariano.

Residents must earn between $38,000 and $100,000 or $150,000 for couples.

If the plan becomes law, the child and dependent care credit will also increase.

The state stimulus ranges from $50 to $850

In 2022, stimulus or rebate payments will be made to 14 states.

The amount varies from $75 to $850 for single filers.

According to the amount of aid in each state, from the lowest to the highest:

2. Idaho – $75 rebate payments

5. Virginia – $250 rebate payments

4. Georgia – $250 rebate payments

3. Indiana – $125 rebate payments

1. Illinois – $50 rebate payments

7. Delaware – $300 rebate payments

10. New Mexico – $500 rebate payments

9. New Jersey – $500 rebate payments

8. Colorado – $400 rebate payments

6. Hawaii – $300 rebate payments

12. South Carolina – $800 rebate payments

14. California – $1,050 rebate payments

13. Maine – $850 direct payments

11. Minnesota – $750 direct payments

Tax filers will receive a $50 rebate and a $100 rebate for each dependent under the new Illinois budget, which was approved on July 1.

Illinois tax rebates

Depending on the value of the home, property taxpayers can get an additional rebate of up to $300.

The Comptroller's Office will begin preparing rebates the week of September 12, according to Susana Mendoza.

By 2025, Kansas lawmakers will eliminate its grocery tax.

Kansas slashes grocery tax

According to local Wichita outlet KWCH, the four percent tax will be reduced to two percent next year, and then completely eliminated by 2025.

The current rate is 6.5 percent.

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