‘Buy the Dip’ Believers Are Tested by Market’s Downward Slide

Small investors continue to pay money into actions despite the most difficult perspectives for years for interest rates and a possible recession; "When the Zigs market,

This year's stock market volatility has turbocharged a preferred strategy among individual investors: the purchase of the decline.

The spectacular dive in the main clues will test their determination. On Thursday, when the stock market 

Experienced one of its worst days of the year, individuals rushed, establishing a one -day purchase record. In March, they invested 

The largest monthly sum of all time, according to Vanda research data from 2014, and continued to pay money on the markets in April.

Investors followed suit Tuesday in a volatile session, one day after the S&P 500 fell at its lowest level this year.

The vast gauge of the stock market has changed before rising 0.2%, slamming a sequence of defeats of three sessions.

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