Sales taxes are being canceled in these 18 states

In order to facilitate back-to-school shopping, tax-free weekends are being offered.

As back-to-school season approaches, many shoppers are feeling 

the pain of record inflation. There are several states that have established sales tax "holidays,"

A weekend or weeklong period during which state (and sometimes local) 

sales tax on back-to-school supplies like books and clothing is either eliminated or

Reduced. There has already been a tax holiday in Alabama, held from July 15 to 17.

To find out if your state is hosting a sales tax holiday, when it's happening, and 

what items are tax-free, view the map and state-by-state descriptions below. 

See where gas tax holidays have been established and which states have 

issued tax rebate checks to ease residents' economic woes.

What is a tax holiday?

During a tax holiday, also known as a tax-free weekend or week, qualifying items are 

exempt from sales tax. In some states, tax-free holidays are celebrated annually, 

and some even host tax-free events throughout the year. In most states that participate 

in tax holidays, a back-to-school shopping event is held in the summer. 

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