Where The Rubber Meets The Road: Getting Serious About ESG In Mining

Environmental, social and governance commitments (GS) in the mining industry must be more than brilliant reports and metric compliance.

Although minors have set ambitious ESG objectives over the last five years, the challenge is still liable in the way of moving from the intention of action.

This challenge is the axis of several trends this year following trends, the Deloitte's annual global exploitation report. 

The trends described below explore how mining companies are achieving ESG - and what companies can do to revive their ESG journeys.

Align the capital allowance at the ESG

Increasingly, mining companies are aligning ESG commitments to their portfolios when dealing with the social impact of their investments. 

And it's not an idling exercise. As stakeholders require more GSG policies, how organizations allocate capital expenditures on their assets 

May or break their competitive advantage over the next decade.The key differential will be that narrative minors will build on investors

Around their portfolio and how they position their long-term assets. With energy accounting for about 25 to 30% of minor operating costs

The most direct and most attributable portfolio is the focus on energy management projects that have clear economic returns.

Remove traditional value chains
Some mining companies are starting to rethink traditional value chains, looking for new ways to handle ESG's concerns among

suppliers and customers. Companies review their portfolios to add climate-adapted minerals and combine with downstream companies, such as car manufacturers

to lock the offer of these same minerals. And the new circular commercial models emerge depending 

On the reprocessing of metals, recycling or urban exploitation.

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