Tucker Carlson News Today 20222

Marina Ovseyannikova could no longer take it. She could no longer be part of the lies. 

She wanted her people to hear the truth. She needed the lies to stop and tell the truth more than hang on to her comfortable position as a well

 -established publisher to the Russian chain controlled by the State

1. Thus, during a program, As an anchoring with stone stone, reading usual propaganda. 

She went out in front of the cameras and held her hand made by hand that cried: "No war.

 Do not believe propaganda. They lie here. "If she was standing in a fox studio with 

Tucker Carlson Yomhering, her sign would have been also applicable. In fact,

 for the letter: it is in our power to stop madnessEverything we know that Canal 1,

 Anchor introduced a Tucker Carlson clip while Ms. Ovsyannikova made her feared stand.

If this improbable hero could courage the arrest and interrogation in a dictatorship,

 we can then commit to speaking each time we find "news" of fox "news" of 

poisoning propaganda in a dinner, A bar, hall or waiting room and a change in the chain.

Before taking her action, Ovsynikova recorded a video in which she expressed the regret to allow

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