The first cost of living payments will be received by millions of British people receiving Universal Credit and other benefits in July.

The Government will be providing at least £1,200 to 8 million Brits this year to help them cope with rising costs.

To ease the cost of living crisis, ministers are seeking to help poor Brits receive more money into their accounts.

The first payment - £326 - will be deposited into their bank accounts next month,

and the second payment - £324 - will arrive in the autumn.

Could you cut your monthly broadband bills by £15?

The savings could be huge for Universal Credit claimants.

On average, internet access costs around £30 per month.

You could save a lot of money per year on broadband if you claim Universal Credit.

For those with low incomes, BT offers a range of concession packages such as Universal Credit,

Pension Credit and Employment and Support Allowance.

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