US gas prices average $4.97 per gallon, with experts predicting a $6 average later this year. Where do you find the most affordable prices?

Secretary Yellen urges Congress to approve $80 billion for IRS to pursue tax cheats and reduce backlogs

Direct payments of $500 to select Massachusetts residents

Tesla CEO Elon Musk backtracks on job cuts after saying 10% of workers would be laid off

The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates to combat 40-year-high inflation

Legislators in North Carolina propose a $200 tax refund for drivers

May jobs report shows lowest unemployment rate since 1969

Yellen has acknowledged that she is "wrong" about how inflation will develop

Here are a few money-saving tips - What you need to know about California's State Disability Insurance Program

What is causing mortgage rates to decrease in the US?

The Pennsylvania governor wants to send residents a $2,000 stimulus check

Democrats in North Carolina propose a $200 gas tax rebate

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