Where's my IRS refund? Processing paper returns takes months

After filing your tax return several months ago, are you still waiting for your refund?

People are losing patience with you, and you are not alone

It has taken the IRS longer to process returns in 2022 than it did this time last year.

In 2020, the IRS closed its offices for several months, and since then, they have struggled 

To recover, resulting in lengthy delays in refunds, especially for paper taxpayers.

Taxpayer advocates report that the IRS had 21.3 million unprocessed returns at the end of May, including 8.2 million personal returns.

The number was less than 20 million last year, with just 6 million personal returns.

The taxpayer advocate said the IRS usually paid refunds on paper returns within four to six weeks before the pandemic.

As of now, it's usually 6 months or more, so you're left with no choice but to wait.

Despite promises from the IRS director, the pandemic backlog has not been conquered yet.

Many of the people who answer the phones are still processing paper returns

Which makes phone service a mess.

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