A total of $700,000 in ammunition was purchased by the IRS between March and June.

A regularly reported Internal Revenue Service purchase was made by Republican representative Matt Gatez.

The Republican propaganda outlet Fox News sent Gaetz' message, who is undergoing a sex trafficking investigation.

A Florida representative mocked the IRS' reason for buying ammunition and said the IRS had no reason to do so.

According to Gaetz, the most powerful weapon an IRS agent could possess would be a calculator.

Rather than breaking down doors and emptying Glock clips on Americans, I imagine the IRS in green eyeshades and cubicles."

It was during his speech that Joe Biden was going to take the guns of gun lovers.

"Certainly it's troubling that in 2022 alone, the IRS has spent around $725,000 on ammunition."

As Gaetz explained, "We need $725,000 in ammunition for the job of disarming Americans, open the border, empty prisons - and they won't stop collecting taxes regardless."

In the last decade, Gaetz reported that the IRS spent $11 million on ammunition.

Another conspiracy theory was proposed by Gaetz on Fox News. As part of the government's efforts to suppress

The US population, he talked about purchasing more guns. It's undeniable that 

the Biden regime is suppressing the availability of ammunition for the general public while,

on the other hand, squeezing up all the ammunition they can ever find."

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