An official income tax return form, the 1040 Form

Why should I fill out the 1040 form?

The 1040 Form is used by taxpayers to file their tax returns.

Tax return forms 1040 and 1040A are used by taxpayers to file their tax returns in the US.

The 1040 form comes in more than one version. Taxpayers should fill out the one that corresponds to their tax return filing.

Turbotax explains that the 1040 Form "calculates their taxable income and tax on that income.".

The taxpayer reports their Adjusted Gross Income on your form, then they can claim above-the-line deductions.

IRS information indicates that there are four 1040 forms to complete.

How many 1040 forms exist?

There are two main forms used by taxpayers: Form 1040 and Form 1040A. Included are the annual income report, refunds, and any additional taxes owed.

This is the senior taxpayer form, 1040-SR. It is available for taxpayers age 65 and older.

The font size is larger for better visual comprehension.

Fill out Form 1040-NR if you are not a US citizen and do not hold a green card.

Taxpayers who need to amend their tax returns must use form 1040-X.

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