According to reports, hundreds of workers will receive stimulus checks worth $700

A plan to provide relief payments to 200 West Liberty residents was approved by the city council on June 8.

KWQC reports that the payments would be reserved for workers excluded from the federal stimulus check program.

Upon becoming law, immigrants will be able to receive the payment, according to the Quad-City Times.

American Rescue Plan funds will be used to pay for the checks, approximately $147,000.

According to Dana Dominguez, chair of the finance committee, "Even though we have little to give, it will still make a big difference for the families who did not receive anything."

Jose Zacarias and Omar Martinez, however, are demanding $1,400 checks for excluded workers in West Liberty. 

Prior to the formal resolution scheduled for June 21, the campaign for larger payments will continue.

Inflation is continuing to affect struggling Americans as the stimulus check proposal is announced.

According to the US Department of Labor, the inflation rate reached 8.6 percent in May, its highest level since December 1981.

According to the American Automobile Association, the average price of gasoline has reached five dollars per gallon.

Indiana's governor proposed sending $225 payments to taxpayers by using the state's budget surplus.

Governor Eric Holcomb said: "Hoosiers have real needs right now, from buying groceries to filling up at the gas pump, and everyone should benefit from our success."

With Holcomb's proposal, payments will be made by Indiana's automatic taxpayer refund law (ATR).

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