Bill Maher ventures into the dice areas all the time, and he did not disappoint Friday evening when he argued

Gender reallocation with the children went too far. The "real -time" host began his weekly editorial with interesting statistics

It again reached 4.2% with generation X, 10.5% in millennials and 20.8% with Gen Z.

Maher says that a large part of the increase in percentages is a good thing ... that people feel quite comfortable saying who they are in a sounder

but his point of view is only part of The climb is attributed to the trend ... that is to say that it is now fashionable to be LGBTQ.

Bill's argument is swept away by humor, but basically, he says especially with regard to children, their feelings are not always innate

He says they often react to trends, friends, Social media and parents should not take by reflex their children on a gender

Realloring path until the identity of the child is certain. He zeros in hormonal blockers on young children

Whom he thinks he was passed over in silence.

It is an interesting and controversial argument he makes. Listen and judge for yourself.